how about now - drake

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yungdrake said: you fucking brown Ryan gosling on tumblr I didn't even know these many brown girls had dads who let them have access to Internet then I saw your notes

im cryin

u guessed it - og maco

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covet - basement
you are, everything
my most, demanding dream

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head above water - head in the ceiling fan

two-headed boy - neutral milk hotel

surprisingly still breathing

surprisingly still breathing


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He pushed away the pain so hard, he disconnected himself from the person he loved the most. Sometimes when you win, you lose.

—Robin Williams as Chris Nielsen

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Anonymous said: why come u don't post selfies more often

please don’t come near my inbox with this ‘why come’ shit

aye pt. 2

aye pt. 2

505 - arctic monkeys

stop and wait a sec
when you look at me like that, my darling
what did you expect?
i’d probably still adore you with your hand around my neck
or i did last time i checked

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Anonymous said: why are you so loved on here

i don’t know

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